The office provides assistance with claims handling and adjustment of claims under marine insurance policies including

  • General average statements.
  • Hull and machinery insurance including Offshore Mobile Drilling Units and FPSOs.
  • Collision Liability and apportionment of recoveries and costs.
  • Loss of Hire.
  • Claims for Loss of Passage Money
  • Builders' Risks.

- Opinions related to the above areas.

The services is in particular related to the Nordic (and former Norwegian) Marine Insurance Plan, but also in connection with claims under other commonly used Marine Insurance Conditions (English, German, American etc.).

- Dispute resolutions.

The office is with refernce to the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan (the "Plan") clause 5-5 used as "mediator" or for second opinions in case of diputes between the assured and insurers in relation to the above areas of marine insurance.

In connection with disputes concerning the adjustment of the claim Clause 5-5 of the Plan states that both the assured and the insurer may demand that the claim is submitted to a Nordic average adjuster for his opinion before the case is brought before the courts. The costs of submitting the case to an average adjuster shall be borne by the insurer, unless the assured's demand to have the insurer's adjustment is clearly unfounded.

- Arbitration.